3d Photo Crystal – Perfect Gifts For All Occasions

3d photo crystal engravings work on the concept of laser light that passes through a resin bed onto the actual crystal. The resin is nonporous, thus enabling the crystal to reflect light. The light passes through the top layer of the crystal and again on the bottom layer to reflect on the next layer. This engraving is usually done on glass but some crystal presents even the option to engrave on other materials such as metal, stone and wood. 3d photo crystal gifts are widely popular because they are available in different colors and shapes and they are also custom-made.

3d photo crystal engravings work on the concept of the photoelectric effect. You can opt for 3d photo crystal engravings with or without attached clear crystal base made of the same material. Also have several standalone LED light sets and LED rotary lights that are fitted underneath the engraved 3d photo crystal to add more elegance to your cherished event. Most 3d photo crystal present designs are very sophisticated and attractive that they can suit any personality and purpose crystallasergifts.com.

To make 3d photo engraved crystal gifts, you need to choose a good 3d photo crystal gift design from the wide range of custom photo crystal gifts list on the internet. You must look out for special items like crystal photo cards, personalized photo engraved crystal gifts, custom photo etched crystal gifts, photo bookmarks, acrylic photo wall stickers, mini photo candles, personalized photo key rings, and photo magnifying glasses. These gifts can also be personalized by using special images like family photos and favorite pets.

Custom photo gifts can also be engraved using 3d photo lasers. You can use standard 3d laser engravings with clear transparent crystal bases and the picture to be engraved as well as the text in it can be engraved on them. 3d photo lasers allow the engravers to create complex shapes, curves and textures. They are specially designed to create intricate, high quality 3d laser engraved crystal gifts. These 3d photo crystal gifts are also available in a wide range of colors 3dlasergifts.com.

Another unique concept of 3d photo crystal gifts is custom crystal photo key rings. The key ring can be made using 3d photo crystal and you can add some personal messages and pictures on them as well. These special crystal photo key rings are not only helpful in creating different kinds of shapes and textures but also useful in many other ways. As these 3d photo crystal key rings can bear laser engraved images, you can give them as birthday gifts to your dear ones. These 3d photo crystal photo key rings are very lovely and attractive gifts 3dgifts.com.

3d photo crystal keepsakes are also available in the shape of umbrellas. 3d crystal rain boots are very wonderful gifts and can make excellent custom crystal photo gifts. Custom crystal rain boots come in various designs like plain and with rhinestones or have soles with engraved 3d photo crystal keepsakes and even soles with customized messages. These crystal 3d photo rain boots can be an ideal choice for kids. As these 3d photo crystal keepsakes are very delicate and light weight, kids can wear these to school or for picnics.

3d crystal photo gifts are also available in the form of barter items and other gifts. You can use 3d laser engraved photo crystals for bartering purposes. With 3d bartering, you can exchange high priced electronic items like mobile phones, digital cameras and iPods among others. 3d laser engraved photo crystals can also be used to make gift tags, business card holder and t-shirts. To make 3d photo crystal gifts complete, you can gift them with a 3d charm bracelets.

3d photo crystal gifts are perfect for birthdays and other special occasions. They are wonderful presents for your loved ones and friends, who cherish your thinking in all times. 3d crystal photo beads can also be gifted as birthday gifts and for those persons who have achieved great success in their fields. 3d photo crystal charms are excellent corporate gifts that can also be personalized with unique corporate messages.