How to Get Two Pictures Out of an iPhone

3D photos are a great way to enhance the details and the beauty of any picture you can see in your iPhone’s photo album. How many times have you been disappointed with the quality of your photo or the image you got because it isn’t as good as you thought it would be? Now you don’t need to worry about that anymore. In this quick guide, we will show you how to turn your usual images into stunning 3D ones!

Open your iPhone’s camera app on your iPhone, and tap on ‘Orama.’ Tap ‘left image’ and then tap ‘center image’ to bring the viewfinder to the sides of your photo. Snap your first photo! Or alternatively, continue scrolling right to learn more on how to turn your two pictures into 3D ones in this quick step-by-step tutorial! To get started, simply hold both the iPhone’s camera and the lens in one hand, and focus on the center of the frame of your chosen image

Now that you have your two chosen pictures, place them onto the top row of your mini viewfinder by clicking on the desired pictures in their folder. Click the small arrow on the right side of the frame that indicates the left picture, and then click on the right picture to bring up the preview pane. Select the right one and hit the ‘shift’ key on your keyboard to bring out the rotated view. Rotate both pictures 90 degrees to the right until you see the same image you saw earlier and then change both pictures to face the opposite side of your viewing window until you are looking at the exact same image as before. If you want to make your images look 3D, hold both the iPhone’s camera and the lens in one hand while using your thumb to click on the center of the frame in the preview pane

By using the depth perception feature of your iPhone, you’ll be able to see your subject from two different angles. Simply use the tap and hold a motion of your fingers to adjust the focus between each picture. After you have made all of your changes, go ahead and take another photo. You will notice that the viewfinder now shows two pictures. Choose the one that is closer to what you were trying to achieve in the first shot. Then, you can see how your two photos look like.

To make your pictures look like a television screen, you should begin by adjusting the depth perception until you can see the depth of each picture. Simply move the depth perception until it is at least five times its normal value. Then, make your depth adjustment even further by moving it up to ten times its normal value, and then do it again to see how your pictures appear as they appear on your TV. Once you have done all of these things, save your pictures and try them out on your television

To continue editing your pictures, simply click ok. You should see the two pictures on your screen come to life as they match each other. Click any one of them to continue enjoying your new 2D pictures on your phone or computer screen. Now that you know how to get two pictures out of an iPhone, you can begin learning how to take 3D pictures with your new toy. It’s really simple.