What Is a Good Way to Get Rid of Ants?

The only true way to completely get rid of a dead ant colony is to kill the queen. However, killing the queen is not always easy. An experienced and expert ant exterminator can not only identify your ant problem quickly and effectively, but will also identify where the ant queen has not yet been found and will not just spray pesticides on the problem.

Often, homeowners only notice that there are ants inside the house when they have already been completely exterminated. Once the exterminator has done his job, the homeowner will be left with the ant carcass as a perfect home for a whole host of other small insects and animals. While it is possible to identify and treat the dead ants, it is even more possible to find the nest of the ant’s mother. In this case, another extermination treatment is necessary. Many times, the mother ant will not simply go away, and is left as a potential food source for the new members of her colony.

Many professional exterminators suggest leaving ant carcasses in one place to attract the attention of new members. Others recommend keeping them in a sealed jar or container to discourage members of the colony from going to scavenge. If you use either method, it is important to make sure they are out of reach of your pet. This is because pets can actually eat ants, a disgusting practice that many people hate to experience. Some professional exterminators suggest wrapping the ant carcass in plastic wrap or other type of plastic to prevent this disgusting practice.

Other professional exterminators may suggest putting an ant carcass on your patio or deck in order to deter ants from visiting. However, this solution will not work very well unless you use an ant killer spray that can be bought at most home improvement stores. These sprays are very effective at getting rid of ants and also deterring others from visiting the site for the sole purpose of eating ant carcasses. As long as you use the correct type of ant killer spray, you will be able to remove the ants permanently from your area.

One of the main reasons that many homeowners don’t want to call a professional exterminator to help them eliminate ants is simply that they don’t know how to properly treat their own yard. They may have tried spraying pesticides on their own and got no results, or the chemicals may not kill all of the ants. They may also assume that their lawn is too large and difficult to treat. If your home is not too big, you may be able to treat the entire yard with a single treatment, however it is important to keep in mind that you should never treat an entire yard at once, because the ants may disperse and move to other areas.

The key to successful professional extermination is having an experienced exterminator perform the procedure on a smaller scale so they can learn the right techniques, which include identifying which ant species are affected, identifying and killing the queen and keeping her safe and eliminating those that are breeding, and removing the nest of the dead ants. If you don’t follow these steps correctly, you can end up wasting money, time and effort and not seeing any results.